Ghostlight Ltd


Established in 2004, Ghostlight has already earned a reputation as a leading European publisher of full price video games with a string of successful high quality releases across all the major formats including Sony PlayStation®2, PSP®, PlayStation®3, Nintendo Wii and DS and Apple iPhone.  Ghostlight is soon to release several major new own-IP titles including the officially licensed "Dancing On Ice" for multiple formats, "Digitars: Magnificent Flying Funfair" for Nintendo DS, and a number of unnamed next-generation titles yet to be announced.

The first PlayStation®2 title published by Ghostlight was the award winning RPG Shin Megami Tensei™: Lucifer's Call™, followed by the other titles in the series Digital Devil Saga™ and Digital Devil Saga™ 2, and all to major critical acclaim.  More recently Ghostlight has released Agarest: Generations Of War on PlayStation®3 confirming Ghostlight's strong reputation in the market place for quality products.

In publishing these outstanding titles Ghostlight has set its standards at the highest level reinforcing its stated aim of focusing on premium quality games of the highest calibre.