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Elminage Gothic - PC

Elminage Gothic

Format: PC


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From the makers of the world renowned "Wizardry Empire" titles, Starfish SD brings you the latest entry in their popular series of dungeon crawlers. Elminage Gothic, previously only available in Japanese on PlayStation® Portable, now comes to PC offering a classic old school dungeon crawling experience with a dark, gothic twist!

In ancient times, the Great and Dark Gods clashed in a ferocious war over Man's control of the world, bringing despair and ruin to the lives of all humans.

As the conflict raged, the Great Gods sought to vanquish the power of the Dark Gods through the faith of humans. In return for their faith, the Gods promised humans a world of peace and prosperity and thereby a contract between humans and the Great Gods was formed.

By the contract, the Dark Gods could not interfere with the world of humans and were forever sealed inside their world of darkness. The people worshiped the Great Gods in thanks for their prosperity, and the world entered an era of peace.


The humans grew complacent and allowed their faith to fade.

Now, in the far-off realm of Ishmag, King Jardin ushers in an age of peace.  Unknown to him, the dark powers have already begun reaching out in secret, planting the seeds to bring about the revival of the Dark Gods into the hearts of men. Foul and hideous creatures are emerging from the deep, treacherous caves of Tsun-Kurn and rumours of a rising evil are creeping across the peaceful lands.

It is up to you to arm yourself and descend into the depths of Tsun-Kurn in an attempt to put an end to the ever growing darkness and save your kingdom.

Features include:

  • Well over 80 hours of dungeon crawling gameplay!

  • Hundreds of stunning monsters, creatures and demons to defeat

  • Multiple character classes

  • The classic and traditional "THAC0" system!

  • Full English translation


This PC conversion also features a number of improvements over the original, including:

  • Higher resolution art

  • Improved user interface

  • 8 stunning Steam Trading Cards to collect!


Pre-order bonus:

As an added bonus, anyone pre-ordering the game from Steam will also receive the exclusive "BESTIARUM VOCABULUM" which is a 118 page digital art book featuring all the creatures from the game along with their stats, plus you'll receive the full Elminage Gothic soundtrack too!