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Elminage Original - PSN

Elminage Original

Format: Sony PSN (PSP)

PEGI : 12+

Available on   Sony Entertainment Network

Embark on a grand adventure in the lands of Halodra Ille!

The fate of this world hangs in the balance as the barrier protecting it is severely weakened. The gods granted power to six rings to form the world's barrier and located them in a tower known as Dragon's Fang.

Dark priestesses planned on destroying the barrier so they could summon their Demon King. When they tried to destroy one of the rings, the barrier weakened greatly, but the remaining five rings scattered themselves across the ends of the realm to prevent further damage to the shield. With the shield weakened, monsters of increasing power and ferocity began appearing throughout the lands.

You must join the search among other adventurers of Halodra Illa and find the five rings and restore balance to the world!

  • Explore vast dungeons, ancient ruins and forests

  • Master 150 skills and spells and over 500 items!

  • Choose from 12 races and 16 character classes

  • Slay over 200 monsters, beasts and dragons!