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World of Pool

World of Pool

£ 19.99

Format: Sony PSP

PEGI : 3+

Available on   Sony Entertainment Network

Being good at Pool is simply not enough in World of Pool. You have to be the best - and not just at Pool but also at the tactical game that is Billiards and the ultimate test of ball control, Snooker.

The stakes in World of Pool could not be higher. Go to another player’s house and see what takes your fancy – a nice new cue, a jukebox, or even a vase. Challenge your opponent and if you win the item is yours for your very own crib. But be careful, because if you lose your own crib is going to be raided. As losing is not an option its time to play dirty – taunt your opponent to distract them, soften the cushions so the balls don’t bounce – do whatever it takes to win.

  • Fantastic combination of the three biggest games of the baize - Pool, Snooker and Billiards.

  • Unrivalled ball physics, intuitive gameplay and next generation graphics.

  • Massively diverse venues, wild characters and special moves to unlock and customise.

  • Kit out your own custom crib using hundreds of weird and wonderful items.

  • Taunt your opponents with wacky gestures and sneaky cheats.

  • Endless replay value with diverse competition types and modes of play.