Fate Extra

Fate Extra

Format: PSP
Players: 1
Genre: JRPG/Dungeon Crawler
Developer: Imagepooch, TYPE-MOON
Release Date: 4th May 2012
Age rating: PEGI 12+

Game Info

Waking up in a strange virtual world with no recollection of the past, the main character is forced to fight for survival in a war they do not understand for a prize beyond value; the opportunity to have one's wish granted.

With only an enigmatic "Servant" by their side, the protagonist will have to face both friends and foes in battles to the death in order to not only gain possession of a mysterious object known as the "Holy Grail", but also to find the answer to the most important question of all: "Who am I?"

  • Fast-Paced Battle System - Using Guards, Attacks, and Breaks in combination with powerful Special Moves and Magic Spells, players are required to plan out their attacks to effectively counter their opponent's moves.
  • Engrossing story - Written by the creator of the original Fate series of PC games, Kinoko Nasu, the story of Fate/EXTRA will not only appeal to long time fans of the Fate universe, via the inclusion of many familiar characters, but will also appeal to RPG fans looking for a deep, non-formulaic storyline.
  • Extensive replay - Multiple story paths, each with their own unique dialog trees and character interactions that lead to different endings.