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Hi all,

First up, Happy New Year!

We're back from the Christmas holidays with a bang, so lets get straight to our first announcement, and it's a goodie: we're happy to announce that Idea Factory's awesome S-RPG 'Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires' (PSP) will be available to buy from the PSN store on 26th January 2011. To support the release we also have a dedicated 'SS:RotEE' website, giving more details about the game. Go and check it out! :)

Right, now on to the BIG news for the early part of 2011. As some people have already speculated via an erroneous product entry on a major games retailers website, we will be releasing the seminal 'Persona 3 Portable' for PSP in 2011! Funnily enough at that time we were only in early discussions with Atlus; not a contract in sight. However, all that aside, we've been lucky enough to secure 'P3P' for a European release since then, which is a happy coincidence! :) Still, the extra activity online certainly hasn't hurt, so thanks for all the enquiries we've had. Anyhow, we're now in a position to confirm that YES; WE ARE DOING THE GAME!

Details aren't totally fleshed out yet, but we can confirm that, for the collectors out there, there will be a boxed version including some 'Collector's Edition' - type goodies for you to obsess over! ;)  And - for the environmentally conscious among you - we'll also be releasing a PSN download version. When we have more firm news you'll find it here first.

As quite a few of you e-mail us with your ideas for games you would like us to bring to the European market, and ask questions on the products we already have for sale, we're also aiming to publish a Ghostlight blog in the very near future. This way it'll be easier for us to manage your questions and get you more info, more quickly. So, once the blog has been born, be sure to sign up to the RSS feed.

In the meantime, to keep up to date with all things Ghostlight related, please check back here regularly. Also, don't forget we have Twitter and Facebook pages where smaller pieces of info are leaked every now and then.

So, 'til the next instalment of J-RPG goodness; happy gaming!

The Ghostlight Team