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More on the Agarest 2 Deluxe Edition and Fate/EXTRA

Fri, 6th Jul 2012 | Posted by Ross

Hi everyone.  Hope you’re all OK :)  This week I’ve got quite a few updates on the news from last week.

The Agarest: Generations of War 2 Deluxe Edition has been a fantastic success and in fact we sold the last copy at the beginning of this week.  However, fear not as you can still order the superb Collector’s Edition here.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all our PSP and Vita fans out there that picked up one of our games during Sony’s PSN Vita sale last week.  Your support has put Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky up to number 13 in the PSP PSN chart which is pretty good going, but the mighty Persona 3 Portable rocketed up to the number 2 position!

Following on from the PSN sale, you may all be interested to know that the rather splendid Fate/EXTRA will be coming to PSN on the 11th of July - in other words next week. :) Several people have asked me how much it’s going to cost and how much space it will take up on a memory stick.  Well, I can confirm that Fate/EXTRA will come as a 1.3GB download and will be priced at just £23.99 / €29.99.

In other news, we’re making excellent progress on Devil Survivor 2 (DS) and Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS).  They really are both excellent games so watch out for more news on these two over the next few weeks.  I’ll also be announcing that Ghostlight has secured another Japanese 3DS game for release this year and before you start guessing, no, it’s not a JRPG this time!

Lastly, I know that there are quite a few of you out there waiting anxiously for news on both of our upcoming PS2 Classics Digital Devil Saga and Digital Devil Saga 2.  Well, I’m afraid that due to a few technical issues, they’re still both in the pipeline at Sony and as yet we unfortunately don’t have a release date.  I’ll keep pushing for details here and if I find anything out I’ll be sure to let you all know.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week, but until then you can also follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our  Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight. You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.

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Setsu says:

I thought you were localizing Devil Survivor 2 instead of the DS version of Devil Survivor?
[GL] Ross says:

@Setsu We are well spotted and the mistake has been corrected in the blog :)
Rosi Ortega says:

Another 3DS game and is NOT a jrpg? Mmmm maybe Senran Kagura or Code Princess? <3
[GL] Ross says:

@Rosi Ortega It's something rather leftfield which I don't think people will associate with us :).
Marc says:

If its Medabots I will spontaneously combust in to money to give to you for it.
J says:

"Leftfield is a British duo of electronica artists and record producers, namely Paul Daley (formerly of The Rivals, A Man Called Adam and the Brand New Heavies) and Neil Barnes, who formed in 1990 in London, England." A music game then? If its Hatsune Miku: Project mirai i will go out with screeching tires to buy a 3DS. Did you mention VC3 to your boss? what did he say? :)
Jucksalbe says:

Someone has to pick up Virtue's Last Reward, so I'd guess it's that. You just didn't mention the Vita version, so it's not too obvious.........right? ;)
Ario says:

Hi ! Any ways to find Agarest 2 in French retailer ?
Rene says:

Here's hoping the new 3DS title is Zero Escape Good People Die! Or it's something incredibly weird which I just can't guess. When will you share this news?
Tiffany says:

Hi Ross thanks for the great news on the Devil Survivor games. About the other 3ds game though. Could you just give us one more hint? Is it already out in Japan yet or not? Please. Thanks
Chris says:

Why must you tease things so early ;_; I must know what this 3DS game is!
foobarry says:

Another 3DS game! Ghostlight is on a roll. :-) Something leftfield... like "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!"?
Gavin says:

Out of the left field for a JRPG publisher, and it isn't a JRPG...Code of Princess, maybe? Or Senran Kagura? Action games are a different thing for RPG publishers!
max says:

code of princess plsssssssssss *-*
FisttOfNorth says:

we want Project X Zone :) i doubt that will happen but man can dream. good luck with 3DS.
Ben says:

"A 3DS game that isn't a JRPG? Virtue's Last Reward, I'm calling it now!"... is what I was going to say. But I just read Ross' comment about it being "something rather leftfield which I don't think people will associate with us", which kinda rules out Virtue's Last Reward (although I'm still hoping for it). So now I don't know what to think. Code of Princess is an action-RPG, so I don't think it's going to be that. Senran Kagura would need translating first, so, since this mystery 3DS game is apparently coming out this year, I don't think it's going to be that, either. I wonder what it could be... In what sort of time frame can we expect to be told what game it is, Ross?
matt says:

I would personally class Code Of Princess as a JRPG as does Atlus. So I going to guess it's either Zero Escape, Time Travellers (Level-5) or something I wouldn't think of as a Ghostlight title like Runabout 3D.
Ben says:

Atlus USA have apparently said this in response to a query about Code of Princess getting a European release: "Thank you very much for your interest in our title. Yes, we are planning to release the title in European territory but taking some time to close the deal. So, please be patient!" Coincidence? I hope so (I have nothing against Code of Princess, and may even get it, but I'd much rather have Virtue's Last Reward), but I suspect not.
LordRed91 says:

£223.99 for Fate/EXTRA?? TAKE MA MONIEZ!! Would be nice to see another Medabots game, not played one since the GBA days. That and the Devil Survivor games could tempt me to save up for a 3DS....
LordRed91 says:

Aw hell, think I typed the price in wrong in my last post X_X
Marco F says:

Since Overclocked will only release to retail I'm wondering if you guys have a distributor in Australia? The region lock means that I can only play the euro version that you guys are doing but buying it from you website may be the only way for me to get it which is a hassle since I don't have a credit card.
Henry says:

Cant wait for the Devil survivors!
John says:

I don,t understand what the mistake was I was under the impression we were getting both Devil Survivor games. Sorry if I have misunderstood something but I was looking forward to getting both. Since this is the first time posting here I would like too thank Ghostlight for localising great games with awesome extras I have most of the posters framed and up in my games room hope for more in the future. Also I would like to say I agree with what others have post hope you bring VC3 and Persona 4 The Golden to Europe both would be day one buy for me.
QW says:

Ace Attorney vs Professor Layton? Pleeeeease? :D
Matt says:

HA! I was right the new 3DS game they've picked up is Runabout being released under the name Crash City Mayhem. Released by Majesco in America. Not sure about the name change but the series has been fun over the years. Loved the Dreamcast version.
Yuorz says:

If it isn't Code Of Princess, mark this up as another vote for your next 3DS games. Also, can't wait for Devil Survivor 2 and Devil Survivor: Overclocked. Are you going to release them on their own and in a dual pack?
fejota says:

I'm hyped for the 3DS game. Let's hope that it will be Zero's Escape :D
Bh says:

Finally Fate/EXTRA for europe, can't wait till next week :) Any chances of Gundam SEED Battle Destiny reaching europe?
Lusankya says:

I hope the other "not a JRPG game for 3ds" will be Virtue's Last Reward. :)
Ongina says:

I can't wait for Fate/Extra to come out on PSN. Also I normally ask about Persona 4 the golden but I was wondering if you guys could look into publishing .Hack//Link (the psp game) in the UK? I really wanna buy it and the Publisher doesn't seem like they'll release the game outside of japan.
Kosakai says:

i bought the limited edition for agarest 2 in the US and it was not as great as the EU version in teams of the CE or LE and DE but the great thing about the US version is the game is fully like the Japanese Version with no Cuts of any kind just translated but still am waiting for my EU version because i like the Deluxe which i pre-order when it was announces Keep up the good work Ghostlight
limaCAT says:

I am liking P3P thus far (got it on Vita), and I think I'll be getting Fate/Extra and DSO for 3DS too.
[GL] Ross says:

@J I fear you're overestimating my knowledge of electronica :. I've mentioned VC3 and he'll look into it. I suspect it will be a bit of a long shot though. @Ario It's not been released yet so it won't be in store yet. @Tiffany It has I believe already been released in Japan. @Ben We're expecting to announce it in the next few weeks. Assuming I finally get time to write it up that is :). @Marco F I'm not sure if we'll have a distributor in Australia for it but if not the Ghostlight Store now accepts PayPal so you don't need a credit card. @John We are releasing DS2 and DS Overclocked. There was a typo in the blogpost where 2 was replaced with 1 :). @Bh I'd love that as I'm quite into Gundam. I'll have to mention it my boss. @Ongina Thanks for the suggestion.
Mixobarbaros says:

Hold on. Is it official that DS: Overclocked won't see a eShop release?
[GL] Ross says:

@Mixobarbaros Don't think we've announced anything either way about that.
Mixobarbaros says:

@[GL] Ross: That's what I thought, but Marco F's post made me wonder if there had been an announcement that I've missed. Thanks for clarifying things. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a digital version.
Ben says:

@Matt. You're right, it is going to be Crash City Mayhem. It's on PEGI's website site with Ghostlight as the publisher. *sigh* I'm sorry Ghostlight, but I can't hide my disappointment at this. I was hoping for something more impressive. And for something that more than three people are actually looking forward to.
@Ben says:

It does sound intriguing though... but how do you tail someone driving a tank? :-) "Rocket Company, the studio that published Medabots games in Japan, will release Runabout 3D: Drive Impossible on January 19. The game will come out overseas too, but under a different name. Medabots fan site Project Rising Beetle discovered Majesco will publish Runabout 3D: Drive Impossible in North America under the name Crash City Mayhem. Runabout 3D: Drive Impossible brings players back to the city to tail spies and be a courier for a mysterious organization. While you're picking up packages, you can create your own streets by destroying everything in your path. The Nintendo 3DS game has trucks, motorcycles, and a tank as vehicle choices. The tank can fire shells and literally clear the roads in rush hour, but it's the slowest out of all the vehicles. Sounds fun to drive, even though it's probably not the ideal choice for timed missions." (extract taken from
sakiu says:

So I heard that BBFC will not have to be used to rate mature games in UK after 30th July? ;) So maybe another game that you guys will bring to EU won't have to be cut here and there? ^^;
Matt says:

@ben Well the series has been going for 15 years across the playstation, playstation 2 and dreamcast so it can't being all that badly. Anyway the game looks pretty fun. Not sure if the 3DS would be my ideal choice for this sort of game though.
Tiffany says:

@[GL] Ross:Thanks for the reply Ross. I have another question. My birthday is on August the 18th. Will I have a happy birthday play overclocked and DS2? Or will I have to wait a little later? Please repond. ^-^ Thanks
[GL] Ross says:

@Tiffany They definitely won't be out in August I'm afraid. We're expecting them to be out later in the year.
Tiffany says:

@[GL] Ross: Aww thats a shame. Thanks a lot for letting me know though. I really appreciate your quick response. So at the latest I should have them as a christmass pressent?
[GL] Ross says:

@Tiffany I'd hope so :)
[GL] Ross says:

Fate/EXTRA is out now on the PSN Store. Aside from all the usual store fronts you can also pick it up off the Vita Store :)
Naru says:

@Ross first at the rate with five stars *-* Fate/EXTRA!! xD THX ghostlight!
Mixobarbaros says:

@[GL] Ross: You have mentioned before that Ghostlight would work on one PSP game at a time. Now that Fate/EXTRA is done with, can we expect more PSP games from you, or will the company move to other platforms?
sakiu says:

I can't see it on Polish store =x
Tiffany says:

@[GL] Ross: :D Thank you ^-^
Henry says:

I can't find Fate/Extra on the swedish store. Will you put it up here in Sweden? Just wondering since you couldn't ship the game here from your store because of distribution deals or something.
Seishoujyo says:

Why have we to wait so long for Devil Survivor ? The game is already in english you don't even need to work on it, man I swear it's sucks to live in Europe. You re lucky it's region locked...
Alistair says:

@sakiu yes i read a article about UK getting only pegi, but 2 things are wrong 1st thing is what we discuss last week the game had a 16 pegi but had to make a change for it have to be rated a change is a another way of saying cut so it's PEGI that cuts game BBFC doesn't it very very rare it does, 2nd this new pegi only in UK is a utter farce why because BBFC has given RE-6 a 18 with-out cuts that out in october pegi cant overrule BBFC on that game, lastly it is SCEE that order cuts in games eg. games get delay like GTA-4 to make change in content was passed 18 uncut by BBFC. TM was passed 18 with-out cuts by BBFC but SCEE override BBFC delay it & end up cuts were made in the cutscenes.
[GL] Ross says:

@Naru Thanks. Hope you enjoy it :). @Mixobarbaros We are looking at one more potentially but I can't say which one yet. @sakiu & @Henry Thanks for letting me know. I'm looking into this and will get back to you when I find out what's going on. @Seishoujyo We are working on it. While it might seem counter intuitive there are quite a few things that need to be done to prepare a US release for a release in Europe.
Magenof says:

Fate extra is not on the Belgian psn store T_T
dgnfly says:

where the hell is fate/extra it's not on the store it's not even on SCEE head.up blog?
[GL] Ross says:

We're aware that Fate/EXTRA is not yet available on the Belgium, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish & Ukrainian PSN Stores. We are resolving this issue and it should be available on these stores in the next few days. It should however be available on the other EU PSN stores.
sakiu says:

@Alistair - Well I only know of PEGI as this is the only Age rating institution that is used in Poland, or at least I never saw any besides PEGI, and from what I saw there was not a single case of censorship so I can't compare =x @Ross - I am sad T_T ...
Savage says:

Australia going to be getting fate/extra on the PSN store as well?
dSkuld says:

Will Fate/EXTRA be made available on the Australian PSN Store?
[GL] Ross says:

@Savage & @dSkuld I've just checked and it's not on the Australian store as it's not got an OFLC rating I'm afraid.
[GL] Ross says:

@sakiu Hopefully it won't take too long to sort out. Fingers crossed.
dSkuld says:

Are there plans to get Fate/EXTRA rated for Australia and New Zealand?
[GL] Ross says:

@dSkuld I'll chase that up for you and see what's going on there.
Alistair says:

@sakiu oh i thought you from the UK i misunderstood the way you said game without cuts that BBFC do it like pegi does, BBFC do a great job it tells us which level of violence, swearing, & sexual content in a game PEGI does not, what i mean by level is if a game is really violence not mild it will say "strong blood & gore" same as swearing from mild to "strong bad bad language" you have open up a can of worms i wrote my feeling about Pegi before not on this blog I am fearful about Pegi only in UK because unlike the lenient of BBFC pegi won't be so we get alot of censorship that delay of ghostlight game is a example germany has issue via it USK & germany and others to still have a hybrid rating system that we had. :(
[GL] Ross says:

@dSkuld Unfortunately we weren't able to secure any retail interest in the boxed product in Australia and New Zealand which meant we couldn't release the game there. For that reason, we didn't apply for the OFLC age rating (which we'd need to pay for in order to sell the game there). However, if there's enough support from our Australian fans for the PSN release (via the blog/tweets etc) then I'll do my best to persuade my bosses to get the rating sorted and get the game on the store asap
Savage says:

Well that sucks... I really wanted the game on my psvita as well as psp (Yay for lack of UMD passport ;_;) Hopefully there will eventually be enough support to persuade your boss.
akhill9001 says:

Let me just say that I would really like an Australian release. I know I would buy it, and I have enough friends interested in the fate universe that would love to have this game
BouncyBoydy says:

For what it's worth, I too would love to see an australian release :)
DestroMc says:

Thanks for passing on the cries for VCIII to your boss for us! Ross if somehow VCIII gets localized I will name my first born race horse after you! Any estimate on DDS psn yet? Or has Sony been keeping quiet on that one :( And yes I do look after race horse foals. I CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
Zero says:

virtues last reward needs a uk release it will be incredibaly popular over here!!!!!
Tiffany says:

@[GL] Ross Hi Ross, thanks again for bringing Devil Survivor Overclocked and 2 to the UK. I have one question though. I was on and I saw both games available for pre-order but I didn't see any sort of limited eddition. I was prety sure I read on the blogs that there was going to be one. Does that mean there will no longer be a limited eddition for those games?
AstralFrost says:

I've been waiting for this game for ages on PSP but now that I have a Vita I want to get the digital version but its not available on Australian PSN. I really want to throw some money at you guys but I literally have no way of doing it.
[GL] Ross says:

@AstralFrost At the moment we're unable to release the game in Australia as it doesn't have an OFLC rating. I'll pass on your interest however.

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