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Agarest: Generations of War Zero

Fri, 6th May 2011 | Posted by Daren

Hi everyone,

Ross is busy reviewing a couple of interesting titles for GL to possibly publish in the future. So while he is doing that I thought I would let you all know that GL can now reveal the details of the Agarest Collector's Edition.. and here it is!!!

So what is on offer for GL's fourth release of the year:

  • Black T-shirt (original design to Ghostlight :)) *GL pre-order item only*
  • Blu-ray PS3 game (with double sided inlay)
  • A3 double sided poster showing on one side the concept drawing of the image used on the inlay and on the other the finished coloured artwork
  • Agarest: GoWZ Original Soundtrack.
  • 3 x 3D lenticular art cards
  • All of this will be packaged neatly in to a Collector's Edition box.

I am sure you will have a number of questions. By all means place your comments in the box below and we will get back to you next week. Until then have a terrific weekend!


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Cam says:

omg i think i'm going to cry of joy :')
Serj says:

Price and release date please.
Danny says:

Where to pre-order for the t-shirt?
ShogunDarius says:

being honest i still think te US one edges it|0
Pepsi_Biofusion says:

Looks awesome, I love jrpg soundtracks (cheesy dream evil/dragonforce like music FTW) and I was dreading Aksys' OTT version... I would be really struggling for shelf space. Good to see Ghostlight on top form so may I ask when pre-orders start? Oh and will you have DLC packs in future? (I'm a sucker for DLC and looking at you're support for AGoW I'm all kinds of excited)
Oxi says:

Just buying for support, usa's ona is way better.
Vinz says:

that green european rating logo is pretty big, is it a requirement for a certain european country? Thought everything was under Pegi =/ Anyway interesting package, very different to the NTSC collector's. Nice art, looking forward to the package!
Remy says:

Wow! Just wow! Amazing Collector's Edition! Cannot wait to get my hands on this precious game! Thanks a million, Ghostlight! Sincerely, Remy
Ben says:

Vinz, the green one is USK, which is the rating board used in Germany. It has to be rated by them, but why it has to be on all boxes, i'm not sure. It's probably a cost-cutting measure.
Komic says:

Cool! when can we order?
Shikan says:

@Vinz That's the German rating icon so unless you buy the game from Germany you won't have that on the box. I would like to know if this version has the extra content that the jp 360 version has.
Winfield says:

I cannot deny it either. Aksys have way better stuff of course thats not going to stop me from buying Ghostlights. Seriously though the poster is kind of un-needed. I actually went and bought the artbooks for Agarest 1/zero and I recently got the agarest 2 artbook so yeah a poster just seems uneeded at least to me anyway especially when its a double sided poster, this is the sort of thing you put in a booklet or artbook not a double sided poster for 1 illustration from the game. The sound-track is a brilliant idea though Aksys has it as well(and so does the jap version). I would have been MUCH happier if thes 3D art cards actually had most or all of the main good guy casr. I mean 3 just seems weird and makes you qustion where are the others? However that exclusive T-shirt is enough to get our attention but it still doesn`t excuse the lack of extras. Especially how its best one appears to be an in-complete set. I mean with special edition games artbooks or any type of booklet makes it seem very much worth it but this is just so little. One last complaint and Aksys did this!!!! The box art cover for the original japanese Limited edition of the game is not used anywhere. I can completely understand that it wouldnt get much attention if it were used as the actual box-art but Aksys used it as the cover of their data book. All in all the only thing worth getting from the limited edition for is the Awsome T-shirt. Your extras from Agarest 1 were better than this Ghostlight. I`m dissapointed with your choice of extras, heck the people above have already said this so I`m not the only one. As far as questions go. 1)release date? 2)price? 3)Will there be an english voice cast or will be japanese only(either way is fine)? Also do we have to play in hard mode to get all the titles? Regardless though I AM SO BLOODY EXCITED TO BUY AND PLAY THIS GAME!!!!
Phi says:

It seems a bit lacking compared to the one Aksys is offering. To be honest, I've set my eyes on that one. However, (I'm not sure where I read this) if we will be allowed to transfer savedata from the original Agarest over, I will have to end up getting Ghostlight's one. If I do, I'll be shooting for the CE.
dgnfly says:

i have too agree with ShogunDarius the U.S version is a lot better but hell it's always like that with collector edittion U.S seems 2 top everything
Kai says:

@ Vinz It's the damn huge rating logo for the german USK... it ruins our domestic retail games since 2008! But having it on other european versions is definitely new.
Tom says:

@ vinz That big green monstrosity of a symbol is the German rating I think (USK). It's on the agarest 1 CE too, although I'm not sure why all EU copies have to have it. Interested in the price and release date, will probably get this one for support of ghostlight/EU and the US one since I like those extras a bit more.
Ben says:

Aww man, no art book. =( Oh well still looks great.
A says:

Do you have any plans to publish this game for Xbox 360?
Aerodynamisch says:

Fantastic! Yesterday I finally bought the Agarest of War Collector's Edition which was priced really nice and I ordered P3P CE from GL which looks amazing! Looking forward to picking this up because I looked at Aksys's Zero Limited Edition and both looks fantastic! I'll buy the (probably cheaper) GL version! T-shirts are better!
Anon says:

That green rating logo I believe is for Germany. A nice set I'm sure to get it.
badtz maru says:

Not bad but I personally would have liked an artbook like the 1st game you released.
Alistair6969 says:

Yo that look good but i still haven't played the 1st AGOW yet having problems finding it now i hope it will be on PSN-store soon. btw GL will you be publish catherine the game from Atlus it out in north america this summer please say yes thanks :)
adrian says:

why could you have not used the japan cover box art instead you have used the standed edition cover art the jap 1 had the girls on the front cover which would of been way better and different too still some good stuff here.
Kevin says:

I have to agree with some of the comments. If you could add the visual book and playing cards it would be a day 1 purchase for me.
Lauren says:

Gah! Ive just gone and bought the standard edition >.
Brian says:

Agarest Generation of war zero; will it be only collector edition?
[GL] Ross says:

Hi Everyone I've got a load of questions to answer here so to avoid giving you a massive wall of text I'll split it into separate posts. In answer to a question lots of you are asking the price and release date have not been set yet. Keep an eye out on the blog for further announcements. @Danny and @Komic You'll have to order from our webstore to get the T-shirt. Agarest zero is not available there yet but we'll make a new blog post when it is. @Shikan It does indeed include the Dawn of War content from the Japanese Xbox 360 version
[GL] Ross says:

@Phi You can indeed use save data from the original game. If you had a Pal version of the original then this save data will only work on the Pal version of Agarest Zero. @A Currently we are not an Xbox 360 publisher and so we can't release Agarest on XBox360. However we are working to change this and so hopefully we will be able to in the future @Alistair6969 We are definitely aware of Catherine and I believe we have spoken to Atlus. I'm not allowed to say anything beyond that though. Don't worry if I have not answered your question yet. I will be back soon to answer some more.
michaelius says:

Hmm could you guys write small round-up about which game comes after what in Agarest series ? I think this one is prequel to the previous one ? And how many of them were released so far in Japan ? I think 3 Agarest titles ?
Haseo says:

The artbook would have been good, but this is a pretty good one, though! Will it be available also from all the other retailers (without the T-shirt, obviously)?
badtz maru says:

Artbook Please! I don't mind paying a bit extra for that.
[GL] Ross says:

Hi everyone. I'm back again with more answers. @Pepsi_Biofusion Yes I can confirm that there will definitely be DLC. @Alistair6969 You can buy Agarest from us @michaelius There have been 3 Agarest games released in Japan. The first was released by us as Agarest: Generations of war, the second one is being released by us as Agarest: Generations of War Zero and is set before the first game. The third and most recent Japanese release is Agarest Senki 2.
Katsuragi Keima says:

What do you mean by using save data from the first game? Also Will Agarest Zero have an english dub cast? Also can you give us an estimated release date?
JC says:

I'm dissapointed at the lack of an artbook (character guide in aksys' case). The concept art side of the poster might be slightly useful but i'm not sure until i can fully see it. Everyone gives out the soundtrack even with the standard edition these days so i was expecting more than a T-shirt that will be 2 sizes too big for me. If i didn't already have the first CE from you guys i would definately be importing Aksys'.
Kaishou says:

@Katsuragi Keima. I'll try to answer this on ghostlight behalf. What he mean is that you can use your save file from the previous game (Agarest: Generations of War) to this game. By doing this you unlock a hammer, armor, accessory, access to extra mode, gold, ep, tp and pp. I may be wrong with what is given to you if you transfer your save file. As long as the cost of the collector's edition doesn't exceed £39.99, I'm good.
[GL] Ross says:

@Katsuragi Keima Your first question has already been answered by @Kaishou (thanks by the way) Agarest: Generations of war Zero will not unfortunately have an English dub. We have not yet announced a release date but keep an eye on our blog as we should have some more information on this for you soon.
Barry says:

When will we be able to pre-order this? Can you delect the size of shirt you require?
[GL] Ross says:

@ Barry Keep an eye on this blog for further announcements about pre-orders. I'm hoping to have some more information for everyone soon. Regarding T-shirts we have not yet decided which sizes will be available but we will have a method of selecting your size
Neil Soane says:

I really want this Special Edition, Daren can you send me one FOC please? Cheers N.
[GL] Daren says:

Hi Neil, So do I, can't wait. One of the best t-shirt designs to date. Just need to get everything through SCEE and we will be good to go ;)
Koconut says:

What size is the shirt? And how does that fit into the game? Already pre-ordered Aksys version since it looks much better.
[GL] Daren says:

@Koconut Since Ross' message the t-shirts will be one size - large. And yes the Aksys CE is very cool :( Who knows may be you will win lottery and be able to buy both :)
Jim says:

I noticed the Agarest logo is similar to the US one. Did you guys stopped using the brown/goldish one you made for the first Agarest? I thought that one looked cool.
[GL] Daren says:

@Jim Sorry for the delay in my reply. As this is now a world brand we just wanted to keep the brand consistent across all territories. Hence the dropping of the gold logo from the first release.
AntoShin says:

Hello, i just want to know before i choose between Aksys and Ghostlight, about the data transfer The PAL version of Agarest 0 can take the data from US version (PSN) of the 1 or only the PAL version

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