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Fate/EXTRA out now on PSN

Thu, 12th Jul 2012 | Posted by Ross

Hi everyone. This week’s big news is that the awesome Fate/EXTRA is out now on PSN for just £23.99 (€29.99) with a 1.3GB download.  I’m delighted to say that it’s also available on the Vita store for those of you who want it on the latest Sony handheld.

Fate/EXTRA has been getting some awesome reviews from the press, including an 85% from GameCritics and this 8/10 review from “Overall, if you have even the slightest interest in animé or JRPGs, you owe it to yourself to play Fate Extra.” 

Those of you who are still on the fence about this fantastic game might want to take a quick look here at an earlier blog of mine where I talk about my experiences and enjoyment playing Fate/EXTRA.  As you may have already worked out, I’m a huge fan of this game. :)

Unfortunately we are aware that Fate/EXTRA is not yet available on the Belgian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish & Ukrainian PSN Stores.  I would like to apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this and assure you that we are working as fast as we can to resolve this issue.  I’m hopeful that the game will be available on these stores in the next week.

Talking about PSN releases I can today reveal that we will be bringing Agarest: Generations of War Zero to PSN this summer.  We’re currently hard at work making the necessary preparations so don’t be surprised to see this fantastic game on a PSN store near you shortly :).   Not only that but I believe one of our other Agarest titles may be in the works for a PSN release a little further down the line too..

On the subject of Agarest we’ve been talking to the wonderful people over at MYM magazine about granting you an exclusive look at Agarest: Generations of War 2 in their August issue featuring lots of exclusive screenshots, some great character art and even an interview with the Japanese development team.  You definitely won’t want to miss this :).

Finally, I’ve recently heard talk around the office of bringing some console JRPGs to the PC to allow more people to enjoy the style of gaming we all love. Would this be something you would be interested in?  I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll be back next week, but until then you can follow Ghostlight on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our  Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight. You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.

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JasBZ says:

I would definitely be interested in RPGs on the PC.
Rena says:

Guess the other Agarest titles is either 1 or Marriage
sakiu says:

Give me more reasons to love Ghostlight even more :) A big yes for the PC idea. As for Fate/Extra will pick it for sure when it lands on the Polish store :)
Belphegor86 says:

PC J-RPGs I would definitely be interested in, J-RPGs that run on a Mac I would be ecstatic about!
dgnfly says:

so no fate/extra for the other countries this week?
Mixobarbaros says:

"Finally, I've recently heard talk around the office of bringing some console JRPGs to the PC to allow more people to enjoy the style of gaming we all love." How exactly do you intend to accomplish this? Porting? Selling console disc images bundled with an emulator? Or will this apply only to games that already have a Japanese PC version? Regardless, I'm definitely interested in playing, say, SMT III on my laptop, since no handheld can run it yet, so if there's some magic that can make it happen, do it, guys.
[GL] Ross says:

@dgnfly We're trying to get it sorted as quickly as possible but at the moment I don't have an exact timeline I'm afraid.
I love TitS says:

JRPGs for PC? Gimme!! I don't care which platform but all JRPGs need to get localized! Looking at Kiseki series .____.
[GL] Ross says:

@Mixobarbaros Porting would be most likely although if a good Japanese PC game was available at the right price then you never know. We're one of the few publishers of Japanese games with our own in house development team (who usually release their own games as Laughing Jackal either it would be done in house or by the Japanese. It's still in the early stages of discussion though so I'm not sure that has been decided yet.
Magenof says:

Arrrghhhh i cant wait any longer for fate/extra! Why isnt it on all EU stores? Was it sony screwing up again?? Frustrated fate-fan
Mixobarbaros says:

@[GL] Ross: Porting gets my full support. I'd love to play native PC versions of JRPGs that don't have inflated system requirements of emulators and maybe even come with extra features, like support for higher resolutions. It'll be even better if you manage to get games that have never been released in Europe (Strange Journey, Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon)
Big Pája says:

Although I'm from the Czech Republic and hence not inconvenienced by the unavailability of Fate/EXTRA in the listed countries, I do wonder what are the reasons for that unavailability. I once heard on the PlayStation Blog from one of the users that documentation for each piece of content has to be submitted in the local language of each PSN Store. Or at least in the language that particular Store operates in, I think. The Czech Store is only available in English, so I'd assume documentation also needs to be only in English and not in Czech for content to be made available to me and other Czech players. This would mean that You have yet to have the documentation translated to eight other languages or less. Is that the reason? I'm really curious to know if this is indeed true so I would appreciate an answer. If it is true, then it's one more reason to be angry at Sony because of their apparent inefficiency and weird decisions in the department of digital distribution.
[GL] Ross says:

@Magenof & @Big Pája There has been a technical issue with the Metadata in some languages which we are in the process of fixing.
Chris says:

JRPGs on Windows would be quite nice, yeah. Would they be on Steam? that would be even nicer.
[GL] Ross says:

@Chris Steam certainly appears fairly attractive to us but at the moment it's too early to say.
Gavin says:

JRPGs on Steam seems to be working quite well for XSEED and Falcom, so I say go for it! SMT games on Steam would certainly draw attention.
Ciaran says:

I'd love if you started offering jrpg's on steam. I pretty much only buy home consoles to play JRPG's. I think if you partnered up with a localisation house to deliver unlocalised JRPG's to pc that aren't viable on console it could be a big money maker too.
Juan José Peralta says:

I would love JRPGs on PC! It's one of the PC genres that's lacking...
rokuso3 says:

I'd love JRPGs on PC. Lately I've been wanting to leave behind consoles and use PC as main platform, but there are not enough JRPGs on PC to make me really do it. I'd love to see JRPG-console ports on PC.
Andrea says:

Surely is an interesting thing. I've greatly appreciated TLR on PC. @Agarest on PSN: Maybe this way I'll give it a try.
Blastinburn says:

I would love to get more JRPGs on PC.
batman says:

just have to say i'm loving fate/EXTRA. looks great on my vita, thanks for bringing it to us
Aguirre says:

JRPG's on PC? That would be more than awesome! To be honest i got tons of JRPGs on my consoles, but i think i would re-buy almost everyone that i enjoyed if they would be available on pc. Even without any extra or so, the resolution alone would make a great difference for me, since i'm playing on my pc like i do with my consoles (on tv with gamepad) On a related note, is it just me or is there a real possibility that the JRPG market (or japanese game market in general) opens up to the PC a little bit in the last months? - Namco listening and make a pc version of Dark Souls - Squenix re-releasing FFVII on PC, which is in my opinion just to try out the PC market for future relases (maybe publishing Deus Ex made them realise the potential there) aaaah, and for that reason alone i have to buy it like the 20th time even though it is a long shot from my favourite in the series (That would be VI) - You asking if we would be interested in JRPG Ports, and saying they could be made (if not in House) by the japanese themselves -> So maybe some of the Japanese already expressed their willingness to do ports??? -Aaand, maybe i should stop now.... sorry for spamming your comments with pointless blabber... Long story short -> Yes intersted in PC JRPGs
KoolZoid says:

PC ports of console jrpgs?? My head might explode! +1 for Devil Summoner 2 - I couldn't even import that one! Or are PS2-era ports not quite what you meant? Are you thinking more the Visual Novel style of game? Or more... esoteric? As to a release channel, please give some thought to They are brave, wonderful people and life can only be enriched by partnering with them. :D
Ahtaps says:

I'd like to put forward my vote for JRPGs on PC as well. There are a few so far, but we definitely need more. One can never have enough JRPGs.
Hoktomaster says:

I do some playthroughs on youtube (iv only really just started) and I was thinking of doing some Agarest ones, well if its ok with you guys at the office, and was wondering if anyone though it was a good idea?
Kramoule says:

JRPGs on PC ? Could I hope for a Trails in the Sky Second Chapter ? :D ~Sora no Kiseki swiss fan here~
tom says:

Would definitely be interested if it was drm free(have no interest if I'm unable to play it in ten years time due to a dead activation server). Don't like steam, but if you self distribute or go through some like gog I'd certainly be on board.
[GL] Ross says:

@Hoktomaster I can't see a problem with that :)
Big Pája says:

@Ross So the comment I read is at least partially correct, right? Did You have to have to have the game's metadata translated into the Czech language for it to be released on the Czech PSN Store as well, then? Or was English enough? I would think the latter is true because the Czech PSN Store gets everything all the time, unless some licensing issues are involved.
[GL] Ross says:

@Big Pája I think the Czech store only requires English.
Akarin says:

Would love some JRPGs on PC. Loving that we have Ys titles up on Steam and would love games like TitS to follow.
Bruno Reis says:

This would be a great move, PC wasn't got a decent JRPG for years! and the market is growing each day
Tom says:

I'm not really a PC gamer myself, I have RPG maker VX ACE and XP, I only play them now and then. I played a few of my friends PC games with him like sims 3, but I own the console versions. However PC gaming is very popular in the western market, and it may bring in new buyers to your products and may even convert JRPG haters to love them, or a least give them a try. I believe it would be an intersting and great idea to do, as the PC gameing market is big. Although I'd hope to see you doing both disc and digital versions if it's possible.
KoolZoid says:

@Ross: To end rampant speculation, could you perhaps provide a couple of examples of the *type* of console JRPG you're looking to port across to the PC? Or narrow it down by such bandings as 'Current Gen/Last Gen/Handheld/16-bit consoles' and 'Popular commercial/Niche commercial/Japanese-only RPGs'?
[GL] Ross says:

@KoolZoid While we've got a few games in mind and have already spoken to some people in Japan about it we're fairly open to suggestion particularly if the first few we do are a success. So far current, last gen & and PSP titles have been mentioned here. The one thing I will say is that early on we'll mainly be looking at games which already have an English language translation.
Claudio A. says:

i'm not interested in PC games. bring us some psvita games instead. i mean REAL psvita games... not psp games.
Tropxe says:

I'd definitely be interested. I don't have a PS3, PSP or Vita, so I feel like I miss out on a lot of releases. If you could bring out Persona 4: The Golden on PC, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
sakiu says:

Well as for VITA games, how about Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward? it's the successor of 999 Nights ;)
Bh says:

If released via steam, I'd love to buy pc_jrpgs.
Joe4evr says:

I'd love to see some JRPGs come to the PC, especially some big titles (Persona maybe?). What I'm wondering is, do you have enough leeway to change the control scheme to a proper keyboard + mouse configuration? Not every PC gamer has a controller (although I do) and the bane of any game that comes from consoles to PC is that the control scheme doesn't work well enough.
[GL] Ross says:

@Joe4evr Details haven't been decided but I'd expect we'd make it playable with keyboard + mouse.
Wayne says:

I take it no more news on DDS? :(
[GL] Ross says:

@Wayne still waiting I'm afraid :(
KoolZoid says:

@Ross: Well, I'd imagine that a lot of games that already have an English translation will also already have a distributor - would that be a limiting factor? You seem to have a good relation with Atlus, so some of their PS2 games might be 'easy' (for want of a better word) to publish in a new format. Of course, most of those here already *have* the majority of Atlus games - that's probably why they're here in the first place! :P So it might need to be stuff that we haven't been able to get previously... Devil Summoner 2, Eternal Poison, Ygddra Union, Hexyz Force (although dropping those last two out on the PSN might be easier!).. maybe rarer stuff like Stella Deus or Rule of Rose. If prior distriubtor is not an issue, though, then: literally any PS2 JRPG that got a US release but not an EU one! :D And thanks to analogue sticks in jrpgs, a PC gamepad might be a necessity :)
Dominic Sheard says:

"Finally, I've recently heard talk around the office of bringing some console JRPGs to the PC to allow more people to enjoy the style of gaming we all love. Would this be something you would be interested in? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts." YES! DO IT! RIGHT NOW! :)
Kusanavi says:

I would definitely like to see more JRPGs on PC.
Paracelsus says:

Seriously, don't bother asking. DO IT.
SantaC says:

yes jrpgs on PC would be awesome. Remember the days of FF7 and FF8 PC?
Liam says:

Chipping in to say that I would also love JRPGs on PC! Maybe on Steam if you're going the digital route?
Kyle says:

I don't care about jrpg on pc. I only play RPGs on my handhelds these days. Any 3ds or vita or psp RPGs is a instabuy
kike says:

fkinthecoffee says:

If a good JRPG is on steam I will buy it
Accoun says:

"Would this be something you would be interested in? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts." Hell yes! There's a "but" however. I'm in a steam-hating, ddl-hating minority. If there was a possibility for boxed retail without the need for registering on Steam or any alike platform, I'd buy it for sure! Of course, I'm in a minority - most people are probably going to vote "go steam!" or something...
Accoun says:

Of course, I don't like Steam myself, but I'll understand if f. ex. it would be the only way or something...
tf says:

Absolutely!!! This actually what I want most.
zulux says:

yes yes a thousand times yes I would love to see more JRPGs on the PC. It's one of the few areas pc gaming is lacking. Btw I came here just to say this, I don't follow ghostlight because I am in the US. But if you guys started releasing jrpgs on the pc I would gladly throw my money at you.
Darji says:

I would love to see some JRPGs back on to the PC or even better on steam. I would literally kill for a PC version of Trails in the Sky and many people would do the same^^
Dusan says:

YES YES AND YES! PC gaming wants and needs more JRPGS steam would be the ideal platform for it :P i dont really understand why do the Japanese devs undestimate the PC gaming market so much...yes there are pirates,but even on consoles that problem remains. a big yes for JRPGS on PC!
Embryon says:

Yes, please! More JRPGs on the PC! I'll take 'em anywhere I can get 'em, really. Even though I live in North America, I'd happily support you guys in your future endeavors if you started publishing games digitally.
Wilson says:

Catherine PC port? Catherine PC port! It's even on a multiplatform engine. I'm sure this would be a wortwhile endeavour as Steam are apparently quite interested in getting more niche titles onboard and NIS had a couple of games added to the registry a while ago.
DrozzRith says:

As a PC gamer, I'd love to see JRPGs on my preferred platform, there have been some great titles I've just had to miss on playing because developers didn't bother portingthem over to PC. I believe also, that JRPGs would find a home on PC sales-wise as well, since the most popular genre on PC is the RPG genre, JRPGs would find good sales and a solid fanbase. The recent succes of RPGs like Skyrim and The Witcher 2 are proof that PC gamers hunger for good RPG experiences. Also, publishing the game on PC through a digital distribution service, means the game will have a long cycle of revenue, because the PC games' market has shifted massively to digital distribution platforms like Steam (the most popular), this means that the used games' market doesn't exist on PC, it also means that the idea of shelf-space and stock, is no longer a factor, the extra expense of the distributor and production, and the price of shipping the physical copies ceases to exist, a digital release on Steam goes world-wide instantly, making it more accessible for gamers and much more easier and cheaper for developers and publishers, and more importantly, remains available for eeryone for an indefinite period of time, because you don't have to worry about stock or shelf-space like I mentioned earlier. And my last point, PC games have a long and steady cycle of sales that spans years, mainly because digital distribution services like Steam will always have the game available for purchease, whereas physical distribution do not, also, consider a few years down the line, games like Final Fantasy XIII-2 will not sell, gamers will have to look for them on used games' shelves and bargain bins, whereas games from 6 years ago can pop up with a discount on Steam, and suddenly sell untold thousands of new copies, without either the developer or publisher having to lift a finger, that is the strenght of a PC based market, a potential infinite sale cycle for a title, and with time, more and more publishers are starting to figure that out, this kind of strenght should NOT be ignored by JRPGs.
IORI says:

Yes love some good jrpgs.
Luca says:

I need trails on the sky on pc. First second and third chapter. Make it happen. Grazie
A man in front of the computer says:

Yes I would pay to play a JRPG on the PC. As long as it is good. JRPG games I played, and enjoyed: The Last Remnant (PC) Chrono Trigger (SNES) Chrono Cross (PS1) Dragon Quest V (NDS) Xenoblade (Wii) So that's the taste of games I like!
Matthias says:

yes, please release JRPGs on PC (steam/gog)
Kumakiin says:

Yes moar JRPG's on PC Plox!
jake says:

I would love to see more jrpg on pc! i loveeeeeee jrpg that are actually good. would kill to play agarest wars on pc. it's the one thing that pc really lacks. and the one thing i miss about consoles. also, having them on steam is a good idea! lots of pc gamers are pretty anal and will only buy from steam or gog.
Torque says:

More JRPGs on PC? Sure, why not, if they are the good ones. Stay miles away from Games for Windows Live, don't use obtuse DRM systems and price them fairly and you will have most likely some easy hit to sell on digital stores like Steam, GoG or Gamersgate. I'm not that fond of the genre and yet as PC gamer I would easily consider some good title. We have some "starvation" in that genre, after all.
Jim says:

The Agarest saga on Steam would be like a dream
Queeny says:

For a start , How about : -Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution for PsVita -Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] for PSVita -Ys Celceta Sea of Trees for PSVita -Sol Trigger for PSP -Sword Art Online Infinity for PSP thank you very much ~
Anchang-Style says:

Sure Eternal Sonata, Resonance of Fate, Lost ODyssee and Blue Dragon would be my wishs. And Controller: most PC Gamers i think own a 360 Pad anyway...
top8cat says:

Figured I'd chime in as well, if there is one category that is waiting to be tapped on PC it's the JRPG, it's lacking and the current generation of PC gamers seem to be surprisingly into them(the little we have), so I'd say it's a win win. Especially with the success of digital distribution platforms such as steam and the relatively in low entry and maintenance cost make it shoe in for profit, without the need to do console like number, IF, you could put out some 'quality' titles to meet the growing demand. If nothing else can convince you of such I figure that the inevitable success of a HQ game such as Dark Souls will ring a pretty tune, but by then I'm sure every tom dick and harry will be rushing to add their JRPG title to the PC(like f2p mmos). I say make your mark early and reap the rewards quickly(especially with SquareE testing the waters with the re-release of FFVII).
Third says:

More JRPGs on PC <3 :D
Dojo says:

love to see JRPG's on the PC. Actually, me and my friends have been waiting for it for years :O
Durante says:

I can guarantee that I'll buy every single JRPG released on PC, as long as it has dual audio. I had hoped for more after TLR PC (which was fantastic), but it never manifested beyond the ARPGs released by Carpe Fulgur and XSEED.
Nizkus says:

I would sacrifice newborn babies for persona games on PC, but really, make it happen!
Sciortino says:

Lyhawk says:

A definite YES to jrpgs on pc, would be rad
Keksus says: Agarest and Persona on PC? If possible on Steam? Really: Do it!
Dan says:

I would definitely be interested in JRPGS on PC. It would be awesome if you could convince Atlus to let you port their games to PC.
GamerSam says:

JRPG's on the PC?, Yes please :). I'm basically nowadays a PC exclusive gamer, and JRPG's is the only genre I feel is underrepresented.
Hekynn says:

OH HELL YA I want JRPG's ON the PC like FF13 and UP etc. And put them on Steam!! :D
Lard says:

Count me as a dissenter. There are enough games on PC as it is. Console games and PC games are two different animals and I prefer to keep them separate. We have enough trouble getting JRPGs on consoles as it is without them being ported to handhelds. JRPGs belong on consoles.
Joe Brookes says:

PC is cool with me.
JP says:

Definitely interested in JRPG's on PC, there really isn't many official releases available. Like it was said above you should really aim for a steam release if you end up releasing them, would most likely rocket up the sales.
irrevilent says:

Would definitely be up for some PC gaming! While it would be sweet to see some JRPGs coming out, I'd also add my support to trying some visual novels, citing the pretty decent success Analogue: A Hate Story's seen on Steam. :)
[GL] Ross says:

Thanks for all the comments everyone. Seems like most of you are quite keen on the idea :)
Harry says:

if you do put them on pc (which would be great) sell via steam -although i hate that but sell boxed too :)
sakiu says:

Hi, any news about Fate/Extra for those who didn't get it yet? :O
[GL] Ross says:

@sakiu Not yet. Lots of people are out at an external meeting today but I'll try and find out the status of that tomorrow.
KoolZoid says:

@Ross: I'd be interested in knowing whether you're talking about porting JRPGs to the PC via emulation of existing media (discs, carts, whatever) or whether you mean you'll be taking the assets of the original game (sound, textures, models, artwork, text, etc) and rebuilding from scratch the engine that would run it all so as to be PC-compliant. Our expectations (and thus the helpfulness of our suggestions) may be influenced by such an answer.
sakiu says:

Is this "metadata" related to the need of having documentation translated into language of each store? This is what I am suspecting as it would not be the first time something like this happens on Polish store -.- . NISA case for example; They did say it's that reason we didn't get Disgaea 3 on vita, or Disgaea 4 DLC or all those cool Disgaea avatars :/ Anyway if this is the case then this may also happen to Agarest 2 additional content? I hope I am just being paranoid... but I don't think I would be able to live without Fate and Agarest 2 content :/ Had to pass on Disgaea so far and that hurt a lot :/
Mixobarbaros says:

@sakiu: All games that I have bought on the Russian PS Store have their documentation in English, rather than Russian (and so do most boxed PS3 games). I doubt that's the issue, unless the Polish Sony branch has weird rules of its own, which doesn't seem likely.
sakiu says:

Since some time ago we have mixed English and Polish Language on the store. Polish for all the new content and when they changed it a lot of content stopped appearing on our store which drives me crazy :/ Also I don't know who translates that stuff but some of the descriptions are written in a way no native would speak, well I don't really mind, the text can come from google translator for all I care, but the fact is, since this has changed we get now regularly short end of a stick... ehh T_T
Olofking says:

There doesnt seem to be a rush to release fate/extra on psn on all Eu stores... Doesnt ghostlight want my money?
[GL] Ross says:

@Olofking We are working on the issue and we hope it should be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
sakiu says:

Hey, so in today's Store Update there was nothing about Fate/Extra, I guess it means that we still won't be able to buy it? :/
[GL] Ross says:

@sakiu I'll chase it up and check the status for you :)
RipAce says:

JRPGS on PC? Count me in – I think there is a proverbial ‘gap in the market' to be filled there. And it could be a great means to release the entire TiTS trilogy, for example, if the PSP market has completely dried up by then (which given the amount of localisation involved is unfortunately probable, though I would still love PSP versions if possible). I suspect Xseed are considering a similar option stateside, given that they are still, as far as I know, stoically proceeding with the localisation of TiTS Chapter 2. Just please, no DRM (it doesn't work, unless the aim is to create bad will amongst customers), and keep on releasing your wonderful boxed collectors editions for the faithful alongside digital releases to hook in the toe-dippers.
RetroFish says:

It's a good job I bought the Collectors Edition before the PSN release, otherwise I'd be quite upset and trying to find £24 to buy it so it can run on my Vita.. :(
J says:

I bought the Y's games on STEAM and im loving them. With the HDMI out and a wireless 360 controller its pretty much the same as a console except with better graphics, free cloud saving and no delays due to pointless bureaucracy on a certain company's part. So yeah im all for PC releases. :) But please do consider STEAM and its Steamworks for good stuff like achievements.
JasBZ says:

Dammit, still not out on the NL PSN store.
Magenof says:

It has been a week and one day and still we have no information nor a release date for fate/extra for the other eu psn stores... Even though you promised to "check the status for us" many times ... Guess that my budget for that game will be spent on something else. Thanks
[GL] Ross says:

@Magenof We're doing what we can but I've just been told it's going to be 2-3 weeks if all goes well before they go up on the store if all goes well. Sorry for the inconvenience
sakiu says:

Blackmailing is a little low in my opinion :/ Anyway, I still stand with the idea that it's language problem =x I could do the translation into Polish and my reward? more Ghostlight games for Polish Gamers I guess? :) if this is the case that is... :D What I would like to know is if this won't happen with future releases as well? like DLC for Agarest 2? not being able to have this would... hmmm suck I guess :E cheers.
[GL] Ross says:

@sakiu To be fair it has taken me a lot longer then I would have liked to get the information together. Anyway we're going to try and ensure this does not happen with future releases and that you get our games and DLC on time. As for your kind offer I'll mention it to my boss.
dgnfly says:

i give up on buying fate/extra on release getting tired off SCEE constant delays off games i'l buy it when it's on sale. i think these delays and stuff just because off some stupid translation reason is ridiculous.
Erik says:

YES... PLEASE. The only official turn-based rpg on PC (with a decent budget) right now is The Last Remnant. There needs to be more quality JRPGs on the PC, this game type does not receive the love it deserves on PC.
jino says:

I think Jrpgs for pc would be great. I think we have to few of these games in the west since many jrpgs are awesome.
Dark says:

Ghostlight hurry with Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2..... Ghostlight pls.....
[GL] Ross says:

@Dark We're waiting for Sony on that one but it should be
Kitsune says:

A month gone since post and still not on Finnish PSN... It would even be on sale this week. I had no idea Fate/Extra was localized until now, I already have Fate/stay night Realta Nua for PS2 (just for looks), Original one for PC, Fate/Unlimited Codes for my PSP/PSVita... even Fate/Hollow Ataraxia ready for the english translation...
[GL] Ross says:

@Kitsune Due to the differing requirements for the metadata Fate/EXTRA is not available on the Finnish PSN store. I'll point out your interest to my boss and see if anything can be done though.
Kitsune says:

Well that's good. As long as I can get it for my PSVita at some point, I'll be happy. So should I assume that nothing can be done within just few days and go ahead and use my budget for other things?
Warnecruid says:

Please we need more Japanese JRPGS on PC that are not visual novels.
Seronei says:

I would definitely be interested in JRPG's on PC, it feels like it's the biggest thing I'm missing from not having a Sony console and it would be absolutely fantastic to play some SMT etc on my PC in 1900x1200 :)
Deepo says:

More JRPGs on PC would make me a very happy man. Also, a poor man.
Phantoon says:

I would love some jrpg on pc, they just need to be good ports, thats all!
Roger Huerta says:

YES if it's anything like PERSONA/EARTHBOUND hell yes

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