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Ghostlight announce 'Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky'

Fri, 15th Jul 2011 | Posted by Al

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to be able to announce that Ghostlight will soon be publishing a special Collector’s Edition of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky exclusively for the PSP in the PAL region.

For those not in the know, Trails in the Sky is the first game in a new trilogy of the established The Legend Of Heroes series.  The game itself is a fantastic RPG which was developed by Nihon Falcom and released in the US by XSEED earlier this year to critical acclaim (it currently has a mighty 80% metarating on Metacritic!)

As anyone who’s been following me on my Twitter will have seen, it’s also a game that I’m a massive fan of.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much during our evaluation process that I borrowed a work PSP and took it home to play.  One thing’s for sure, it’s a BIG game!  So, for those of you who like to keep track of these things, my completed save time was 54 hours 30 minutes and 29 seconds, but there were several areas I managed to miss in my first play through.  Still, now we’ve got the game it looks like I’ll get another chance to see them. :)

The highlights for me were the amazing new battle system, where managing the turn order is key to defeating the tougher enemies, and the story itself which is brilliantly written and hilarious in places (just select each treasure chest twice and you’ll see what I mean).  And that’s not to mention the fact that the game looks incredible and has an awesome soundtrack!

I’ve had a great time seeing all your guesses as to what the ‘unannounced game’ would be.  As promised, here is massive list of everyone who managed to guess which game we were doing.  As far as I’m aware, only 4 people managed to guess we were doing Trails in the Sky before I gave my clues.  So, well done to michaelius, Ladius, Shuvlarse and ShogunDarius.

Last week's clues seem to have been a bit obvious, so I’ll have to try and be a bit more fiendish next time.  It was the number of characters one that gave it away, wasn’t it?  So, here is the list of people who guessed Trails in the Sky *deep breath*:

Celedin, FinalMacStorm, Belphegor86, AlanoGuy, ChrisSmithster, Aerodynamisch, Richie, Chris, Phi, Neo-Renzokuken, taizou, Paul Rooney, Ailtin, Cam, Judwai and Markaza. Congratulations to you all.

If you also managed to guess, give me a link to your guess and I’ll give you a mention in my next blog (obviously this only works if your guess was made before the announcement :)).

We don’t have a release date or price for the game just yet, but stay tuned for more information on this and also to find out just what cool loot we’re going to be including in our special Collector’s Edition.  Plus, I’m hoping to have some other important news for you in the very near future.

Thanks for now,


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HiddenAway says:

It's great to hear that you're bringing over the special edition. I'll be running out of space in my cupboard soon enough :P I thought I read it in the post but obviously forgot about it. Are you handling the PSN version as well?
shurelia says:

I'am very happy about the european release of the Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, it's a very good news
Alkaid says:

I love you guys! ; - ; Thank you for releasing Trails in the Sky here as well! I never would have thought that this game will be playable here in my country as well! THANK YOU and I really mean it! >/////
Aerodynamisch says:

Fantastic news! The anticipation was crazy and the hints gave too much away. I am psyched for the released of LoH in Europe. I have finished it last month and it is my favorite PSP game to date. A wonderful RPG with a great set of characters and the best part of all is that it is only the first of the trilogy. I hope that everyone will be able to not only enjoy the first game but also the third game. I hope the good people of Ghostlight release a slighthy different CE than Xseed and I will double-dip with no hesitation!
Cam says:

yay i'm on the list "I HAS HAPPY" :D
matt says:

nice news, it's a shame you couldn't announce it before the US release as I've already imported the American version as the chances of a euro release were extremely low.
tanuki says:

Great! I guessed it a long time ago, it was while P3P release if my memory is good. Long life for Ghostligth!
Charon says:

great news! however do you know if Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky will be available on the psn?
Ailtin says:

Looks like everyone in Europe can now start to have his fun with..TitS :D Joking aside, really looking forward to the special edition here :D And also, thanks for mentioning me in your Blog, Ross ! I kinda feel honored :D
Tim says:

Awesome news! I want it to buy it but it was quite expensive to import it from US I will buy the PAL version for sure thx a lot for this!!!
Robert says:

Great news! I imported Trails in the Sky early this year from the USA and I had a blast with it.
Ladius says:

Congratulations, you picked up one of the best jrpgs of this generation :) I already imported it, but I think I will double dip just to support you guys!
Remy says:

Other news in the future? Are you hinting at "Agarest: Generations of War 2, perhaps"? And about "The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky", I can say that, even though I'm owning the NTSC-version of the game, I'll be sure to buy this one, as well. Keep going, Ghostlight!
[GL] Ross says:

I hope I didn't miss out anyone who guessed it correctly in the blog. @HiddenAway & @Charon Yes we are planning on releasing Trails in The Sky on PSN.
Eru says:

This is a game I hven't heard of But after watching the trailer, I'm very interested in it - thanks for introducing me to the title : )
Shinji Kazuya says:

Oh epic news!!! Thanks you a lot Ghostlight! You folks are awsome! :>
Kadotsu says:

Will the game also be published in Germany and, more important, German PSN? I'm still unable to purchase P3P from PSN.
Lavrentiy says:

That's good, thank you guys)
Ronian says:

To be honest I would have prefered some good other games for consoles that arent region free. But I have to say that I am glad that some people can experience Falcom games for the first time in Europe?:) Too bad I bought a import version 2 weeks ago :( When do you think that the collectors edition items are fixed?
[GL] Ross says:

@Kadotsu Yes the game will be released in Germany and on PSN. Hopefully the release date for the PSN version will be closer to the UMD version then it was for P3P. Also stay tuned because I'm hoping to have some news about P3P on PSN soon. @Ronian I'd have thought it will be a little while. Keep an eye on our blog/twitter/facebook and we'll let you know as soon as we've confirmed what will be in it.
Ronian says:

@Ross Thanks for the answer. I have another request: please dont put the BIG SIZED USK stuff on future UK releases^^ I hate that stuff hehe. I am from Austria and I am forced to import anyway because most of our games have the burden to be released for the whole german speaking region.
[GL] Ross says:

@Ronian It will depend on how many orders we get from each country. I know our designer isn't particularly keen on that logo either.
Qwaser says:

Ross I know this is a little off-topic off the blog but I beleive you mentioned that the Agarest Zero pre-orders would be shipped before the official release date. If I were to make my pre-order soon(I plan to within the week)when can we expect it to arrive at our doors? I live in London if it helps you with you answering. Also I`ve never heard of LOH-TITS(LOL) so I can`t really appreciate it but I`ll check out the trailer and I may pick up a copy.
FX102A says:

Although I already imported the U.S. CE Edition, good news for other European fans who've been unable to. Like the Agarest Zero CE, if it has different stuff from the U.S. version, I'll also double-dip. An art-book would be at the top of the list, the game's art is brilliant and needs to be admired. The OST is great too.
[GL] Ross says:

@Qwaser I can't say exactly when it will arrive but with P3P we shipped the pre-orders on the Tuesday. Once we do that it's in the postman's hands but it usually takes a day to arrive. @FX102A We'll try and come up with something good for you.
Stevie says:

it is indeed about time that The Legend Of Heroes series made it's way to Europe. Thanks guys! Let's just hope we get the full trilogy!
Yoshinatsu says:

I'm so getting this.
Qwaser says:

I just made my pre-order for Zero and I can`t wait for it to arrive. Ross I have to admit its a tad bit annoying how we have to pay now instead of when it get dispatched. Also an option to pay by paypal would be nice. Sorry if I sound annoying but it is a little inconvenient. Any idea when you can give us ideas on what and when the Zero DLC comes?
[GL] Ross says:

@Qwaser Thanks for pre-ordering. I'll pass on your comments about the payments system but I believe that this is partly caused by the limitations of the payment processor we use. As for the DLC I'm still chasing for more information on that. I'm hoping to have some news about it soon.
dgnfly says:

does it have jap dubs? if not i'm not buying. english dubs are so horrible. every attack you make sound so overreacted with eng dubs it's like their trying their best 2 suck at it
dgnfly says:

@ross it's a bit off-topic but i read that Catherine still doesen't have a european publisher. are you guys gonna publish it cause if not i'd like 2 know so i can start buying the U.S import
[GL] Ross says:

@dgnfly There's not much voice acting but the dub is English. The only time its used is during the battles though. It's not a bad dub although it is not very memorable. I've played through the game and I had to check what language the dub was in just now. As for Catherine I'm still not allowed to talk about it. Sorry.
dgnfly says:

@Ross is there like a hope that psp games might get jap dubs like NIS america does cause the one reason i stop buying psp games is because off that. and i just read that Deep silver is gonna publish Catherine. so what game you guys gonna try publish now hey?????
[GL] Ross says:

@dgnfly It depends really. In an ideal world we would release a game with both English and Japanese dubs but this is not always possible. Once again I would say for Trails in the Sky there is very, very little voice acting. As for what other games we're looking at I can't say too much but I mentioned on my Twitter the other day how jealous I was that one of the other testers was assigned to evaluate a PSP game I really wanted to play :(
Cphd says:

There isn't nearly VA in the entire game, only one or two winning-battles lines plus its easily muted with Select button. So any discussion about a dub being above another is moot, you won't hear a thing for 50 hours of an awesome RPG, battles cries that sound the same in japanese and english aside. Totally recommended game btw, Falcom is awesome. Something unrelated, a good pick-up would be Fate/Extra from Aksys, its not released yet (unlike many Xseed/Atlus/NIS games that have seen release in the US and maybe even in Europe through PSN only) plus its an automatic get for Fate anime/manga fans.
[GL] Ross says:

@Cphd My feelings exactly Trails is too awesome a game to miss out on really. I'd also quite like to do Fate/Extra as I enjoyed the anime.
Charon says:

Look like Catherine got handed down to deepsilver, does that mean your guys are now working on 3 other projects or still on 4?... hint hint... About your payement processor, any chance you might check if they could do their process in £ AND â�¬? it's not very friendly with non uk customer :) well i already paid anyway but for future uses if you have enough non uk order it might be nice...
[GL] Ross says:

@Charon hmmmm. Not sure I'm allowed to say. Actually we're looking at some new ones so that number isn't particularly accurate any more. The second symbol you used hasn't come put well but I take it that it's a different currency? I'll mention it to see if it can be improved.
ogami says:

I have to wait for amaz cause germans can't buy your games in your shop (say good buy to the preorder bonus ^^) nevertheless I appreciate the ghostlight games. I think if TitS take some time, I will wait for the PSN version if its compatible with the Vita ^^ Fate/Extra will be brought to the US this year by Aksys, as siliconera stated early this month. I have the japanese Version (most likely because of the included Saber figurine in the SE =) ) and have to say its a little bit repetitive but it sure is fun. Though Fate Fans have to get used to the artwork, but it is not bad. Especially the Cameos out of the Nasuverse are cool for Type Moon fans (like the Aozaki Sisters for example). You have 10 Days to get to know the true name of the enemies servant. So you do strolls throughout the school with a NoName Master, talk to characters or customize your servant (you can choose in the prologue between saber, caster and archer ... and its a first for me but you can also get the "Game over" screen in the prologue as well ^^) One time a day you can go in the virtual reality dungeon and fight to your hearts content to level up and gather skill points. At the 10th day you are facing off the enemy and after a win it starts anew with another servant/master pair as enemies. The battle system looks great, but is rather sample. Rock, paper, scissors ... thats all (attack>break>defend>attack). You have a matrix of 6 actions where you can program the battle round. The more you know your enemy, the more actions of the enemy you can see from the start. So you only have to fill the slots with the corresponding action. Noble Phantasms are only possible if you have gathered all intel about the enemy. Overall the Story is nice, it has a lot of Type Moon characters in it and Fate fans will have a lot of fun. hm .. and I still dream of a company who will take on the task of publishing the visual novels (yeah I know there's not really profit)
Charon says:

@ Ross it's euro, look like the blog can't support it either :)
Andrea says:

Thanks for put the game on PSN. I'll buy it when Vita will be released.
[GL] Ross says:

@Ogami Thanks for your suggestion. There seem to be a lot of people who would like to play Fate/Extra @Charon :) I'll pass your comment on. @Andrea :) Nice to see I'm not the only person looking forward to the Vita so I can play PSP games.
Fardamucho says:

Thank you very much Ghostlight. I'm buying the UMD day 1 like P3P. Thank you for support PSP and its users. In europe, unfortunately, get used to waiting, often without any result. Your initiative makes us have more faith. I'm really fan of PSP (have several models and an important UMD game collection) and sometimes is no easy to be one. For example, rightnow, i look forward to a location of Valkyria Chronicles 3 and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (for Yakuza: Black Panther i've lost all hope). Well, than you guys again, really appreciate it.
[GL] Ross says:

@Fardamucho There are so many great PSP games out there. I'm just pleased we're now getting to bring some of them over to Europe. I agree that the PSP is a great console.
ogami says:

@ all in Japan starts the anime OVA to LoH:TitS this november
[GL] Ross says:

@Ogami Sweet. Hope it comes over here so I can check it out.
ogami says:

Then let's hope that your game has enough impact that a publisher will consider the OVA a chance to use your sales ;) (with a sticker "the anime to the famous rpg")
TornadoCreator says:

This is great news, I've been hoping for another RPG for my PSP. Since Breath Of Fire 3, I've barely played the thing.

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