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Ghostlight FAQ Part 2

Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 | Posted by Ross

Hi Everyone. I get the impression that some of you liked the idea of a collector’s Super Combo Pack for Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and Persona 2: Innocent Sin.Well, the good news is that I’ll have a little more info on that, along with pre-order info, very soon so keep your eyes on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter (in addition to following me on Twitter of course:)).

Before I get into some of the juicier news about Ghostlight’s future plans, I just wanted to let all you Agarest: Generations Of War Zero fans out there know that the free DLC will be arriving on the PSN store on October 5th.  We’re still having issues with the paid DLC, but I’m reliably informed that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we hope to have this all resolved in the coming weeks.

Ok, so going back to our future plans…

There’s an important issue that came up in the last blog that I’d like to start with.  Garron asked us about the Australian PlayStation Store’s sad lack of some of Ghostlight’s recent games.  We agree that this is most distressing and I’m pleased to say that we are looking into bringing all of our games onto the Australian PSN store, with the mighty P3P leading the way.

Another issue that many of you have pointed out is that due to the continued growth of the PlayStation store, only releasing “collector’s editions” with a physical UMD of a game, is perhaps a little bit blinkered.  That’s why we’ve been looking at several ways of allowing our fans who prefer to download their games, a way of getting hold of some of our CE goodies.  So in the near future we hope to offer up some key CE items (like posters, T-Shirts and OSTs) for individual purchase, although I should point out that this will only be for selected games.  We are also looking into offering selected OSTs as a digital download for purchasers of PSN releases, but again, this will only be for selected games where the licensing rights allow it.

Looking further ahead, for those people who intend to buy a PSN version of one of our games, we are also considering the logistics of offering a discount on the physical CE version.  We don’t have an answer yet, but we’re working on it.  We have already looked into selling full CE versions with a download voucher instead of a UMD, but unfortunately this option is currently unavailable to us as a publisher.

Lastly, one issue that has been raised by many of you is that of processing payments.  We are investigating alternatives to the current system as we fully understand and appreciate that it’s far from ideal.  I’ll have more news on this soon, but in the meantime we would like to thank you all very much for your continued support while we work to improve things.

Before I sign off, you may have noticed a little change we’ve made to the blog.  If you look underneath each blog post you’ll see some little buttons.  Please feel free to click them…  Go on you know you want to :).

Barring a whole mass of questions coming up in the comments here, that’s all for our little FAQ for the moment.  Please feel free to tell us what you think in the comments and if any of you are going to the Eurogamer Expo on Friday the Ghostlight team is going to be there wandering the halls giving out Cubixx HD leaflets so if you see us say hi :).

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Rena says:

That sound awesome. Now I just need Dunamis15 to be release in EU or US (not gonna happen :/)
Demius says:

Yay for Agarest dlc! :)
Akai says:

Great can't wait for the CE combi xD Slightly off-topic but have you guys considered about bringing Devil Survivor Overclocked(3DS) and the sequel(DS)over here. Since it seems you guys are the only publisher who care about Shin Megami Tensei series.
Sera says:

I'm especially glad to hear that you're considering alternate payment methods. Paypal would be brilliant, it would mean that all the funds I get from selling on Ebay could be put towards future Ghostlight releases! :-)
Ahtaps says:

I know I'm chomping at the bit to get P3P (I'm Australian). Almost religiously checking PSN every night to see whether the OFLC has decided to unleash it from its holding cell. On the topic of UMD CE releases, another issue that is becoming more prevalent is the PS Vita. As it is, people are already asking what they can do to transfer their UMD collection to the Vita without having to purchase all their games again. I know I'm avoiding any more physical purchases because of this. Oh, and fantastic work guys. I've always been disappointed at Australia often missing out on the awesome releases so I appreciate everything you're doing to get them to us.
Dennis says:

Im glad that the Agarest Zero DLCs finally get their way in the Store. And ,lucky me, im having Birthday at October 3rd so i should be able to buy the DLCs in one go^^. Thank you Ghostlight.
Barry Walsh says:

Just heard Rising Str are doing the Eu version of Grand knights history, I would have been better if you guys were doing it, Pity, Rena I just looked at Dunamis 15....Wow! It looks awesome.
tanuki says:

I need Unchainedblades reXX. Lets make a wish list ^^. For all the news, it seems great for everybody.
spac3cow6oy says:

Hmmm... I'd be quite interested in that combo pack as I'm planning to get both games anyway. Is there any word yet on when we can expect the rest of the Legend of Heroes trilogy on PSP? What with the PSVita not too far off, it's great to see there's still some awesome games to look forward to for the original PSP. Ross, you and the rest of the Ghostlight team are doing a fantastic job supporting the PSP and making such wonderful games avaialable to western audiences. Thank you all very much. Long live Ghostlight!! :D
Ailtin says:

Payment Options... If it is PayPal, I will raid your store hard :D (If Agarest 2 and Persona 2 will come out of course xD) As for the Collectors Editions.. Cant you release the full pack too and instead of putting in a UMD, insert a Downloadcode or something that way instead ? I am not a big fan of Downloadable games myself, but as long as it doesnt harm my precious upcoming CE's of you, I am fine with that :D
Klaudkil says:

More japanese ps3 games please.
danny says:

awesome can't wait for dlc any chance of it being realesed sooner as i love the games u guy release :P
rokuso3 says:

Great news! I'm interested in Trails in the sky + Persona 2 CE Pack... maybe that way I'd purchase both instead of only P2. All great for PSN fans; I'm not a fan of it but it's good for those who are. BTW, I agree with Rena! Can't believe there are others who also want Dunamis15!! It's hard to have a Visual Novel on western countries, but it would be awesome XD.
michaelius says:

Maybe you could consider deluxe editions with normal CE+voucher code for PSN download ?
Tom says:

I was on PSN and saw Additional Character colours, but I don't reconize any of the characters? Is this a PSN error?
Dwayne says:

Australia = New Zealand too? Please say yes :)
[GL] Ross says:

@Akai It's one we've been thinking about. We've no plans to at them moment but we're all big SMT fans so you never know. @Barry Walsh I'd have loved to work on it because it looks an ace game but as always I'm just pleased it's coming out over here. @tanuki It's not one I'm familair with but I'll take a look. @spac3cow6oy Thanks for the kind words. I know XSeed are hard at work on the sequel to Trails in the Sky. It's hard work as it's a massive game but they do seem pretty determined to get it out. @Ailtin I don't think Sony support that at the moment.
[GL] Ross says:

@Klaudkil :) We'd love to. @Danny We're trying to get the paid DLC out as soon as we can. At least the free DLC should be out soon for you have a go with :)@michaelius I don't think Sony support that at the moment. Maybe sometime in the future. @Tom Yes it's a PSN error I believe they're for Arcarna Heart.
MarcoF says:

As an Australian I find this to be very good news. I still have to ask if it would be possible in the future to release physical copies in Australian stores. I'm fine with digital but I still prefer buying games from a store.
[GL] Ross says:

@MarcoF We'll see what we can do but it does depend on the level of support we get from retailers in Australia.
technochicken says:

Ross is there any kind of guestimate on the month you will be releasing these two? Im personally hoping either Oct or Dec. Got 3 collectors eds to get on Nov totalling a whopping 180 beans. Not looking forward to that so close to crimbo. Obviously the double pack would be a great help. Just finished persona 1 this morning. 28hrs. Wayyy harder than p3. Glad its done and dusted before p2 though
[GL] Ross says:

@technochicken I'm still waiting on something to be confirmed but I might have something for you on this weeks blog :)
Cry says:

since someone else brought this up; it would be amazing if you could publish agarest 2, since it looks GREAT! D: @ Agarest Zero DLC: nice thing, i am looking forward to it.
Cenobyte says:

I saw that Ghostlight could not sell directly to French customers. Can I buy P2IS from France but delivered to belgium?

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