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Ghostlight gets new Threads

Fri, 7th Jul 2023 | Posted by Ross

Hi everyone,

The Steam Summer Sale is still ongoing, and if you’d like more details of the fantastic savings on our games then please check out the previous blog post but today I’ve got some more news for you all, as here at Ghostlight we’ve been kitting ourselves out with some new Threads.

I’m wearing this stylish Kris Wolf Shirt as pictured.... wait, oh you meant the other Threads, and here I was thinking today was my chance to become the fashion icon I knew I was always meant to be.

Anyway, moving very swiftly on some of you may have heard about the new social media platform Threads., and I’m pleased to tell you that there is now an official Ghostlight account that Thread Users can use to keep up to date with all things Ghostlight. So, if Threads is your thing, go check out the Official Ghostlight Account and if you like things a bit more personal then you can follow me over at the Ghostlight_Ross Threads account.

Of course, for our friends in the EU, and anyone else who doesn’t fancy Threads we will be maintaining our other Social Media Platforms. For our fellow Twitter users There is the Official Ghostlight Twitter Account and my Ghostlight_Ross account.

The Ghostlight Facebook page is still going strong, as is the Youtube page for all your Trailer needs. Meanwhile if “The ‘Gram” is your thing then you’re in luck as not only is there an official Ghostlight Instagram Account and a Ghostlight Ross one.

Finally, for those of you who prefer to Toot, don’t worry we don’t judge here, while there is currently no Official Ghostlight Mastodon page, you can keep an eye on my Ghostlight Ross account, where I’ll be sure to mention all the news from Ghostlight.

Before we go why not tell us what Social Media Platforms you are on, and what ones you’d like to see us on. We always love to hear from you, so if there’s anywhere we can do that better we’d love to know.

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