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Maken Shao: Demon Sword gets a PSN release date

Thu, 14th Feb 2013 | Posted by Ross

Fellow Atlus fans rejoice! I’ve just been told that the fantastic Maken Shao: Demon Sword will be released by Midas Interactive Entertainment as a PS2 Classic on the PSN Store on the 27th February.  Unfortunately, whilst the emulation runs the game really well, it’s not perfect as the game does experience some texture warping.  We’re hopeful that there will be an update to the emulator in the future, but despite this, the game is a must for all you Atlus fans out there and at just £3.99/€4.99, it’s a bargain.

On a related topic - and before you ask – the situation with the Digital Devil Saga games remains unchanged.  We’re still waiting for an update to the PS2 emulator which will allow us to release them.

Talking of PSN, while I mentioned it in the comments last week I just thought I’d remind you all that both of our two fantastic Idea Factory PSP games, Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos and Spectral Souls: Resurrection of Ethereal Empires have had their prices cut on PSN this week, to just £8.89/€10.99!  :)

Those aren’t the only bargains from Ghostlight, as the amazing Valentine’s Day Sale is still running.  Check out our previous blogpost here for more details of what’s on sale, or you can go directly to the sale page here to get your hands on these fantastic bargains.  But you’ll have to hurry as not only does the sale end on the 20th February, but we have an extremely limited amount of stock left for some of the items in the sale.

This week I’ve spent a lot of my time evaluating a horde of new titles, all of which came from your suggestions in our competition.  I must say you guys picked out some pretty good games. :)  There are still more evaluations to come through and tomorrow our resident Japanese speaker, Tom, will be coming in to take a look at the games that are yet to receive an English translation.

That’s not all that’s been going on here at Ghostlight either, as work is continuing on the digital Collector’s Editions of Agarest: Generations of War Zero and Agarest: Generations of War 2 along with their sound tracks which will be available on PSN soon.  I’m expecting to be able to confirm details for you in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be back next week, but until then you can follow Ghostlight on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our  Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight.  You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.

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