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What's new in OMG Zombies! for Nintendo Switch

Thu, 7th Mar 2019 | Posted by Ross


Hi everyone. In my previous blog I mentioned that we’d added some improvements for the Nintendo Switch version of OMG Zombies! so I thought I’d talk you through the tweaks we’ve made, making it a far better experience for you all. 

1) SNIPER SCOPE: A sniper scope view to zoom in on the action and make more precise shots - hold down the ZL button to make scoped shots. 

2) TARGET HIGHLIGHT: On more crowded levels, it could sometimes be difficult to identify which zombie had been targeted so we’ve added a highlighter the zombie that is currently targeted now has a glowing red outline. 

3) TOUCH CONTROL: Touch control has been adjusted and features the new scoped view by default. We’ve also offset the scope to allow you to see what’s under your finger. Releasing your touch takes a shot. Release on empty space cancels your shot. 

4) FAST FORWARD: This new feature reduces the waiting time for those last remaining zombies to align! Press and hold the Fast Forward icon to run at 2x speed. Double or triple press and hold to run at 4x or 8x speed. 

5) RESTART: An instant restart is mapped to the [-] button. This is another nice quality of life feature to improve farming for better start positions or barrel locations. 

6) MANUAL: We’ve added an in-game manual to the Options menu. 

7) TUTORIALS: We’ve added ‘Restart Tutorials’ to the Options menu in case you missed reading one first time around. 

8) PRESTIGE: We’ve reduced the maximum number of prestige levels to a far more reasonable 3, as 20 was *probably* a bit too high! 

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