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Fate/EXTRA gets a Collector’s Edition

Thu, 8th Mar 2012 | Posted by Ross

Hi everyone.  You  may remember our announcement of Fate/EXTRA earlier this year.  I know we’ve kept fairly quiet about it since then, but that’s not because we’ve forgotten about it.  In fact, since we announced it we’ve been cooking up a rather special Collector’s Edition.  Not only that, but we’ve now got something rather cool to show you:

Looks lovely doesn’t it? :)

Our fantastic Collector’s Edition contains:

  • The game on UMD (obviously :))
  • The Official Soundtrack CD
  • A 16 page Artbook in a presentation digibook
  • All contained in a special Collector’s Box.

But that’s not all: anyone who orders Fate/EXTRA directly from the Ghostlight Store will also get these exclusive goodies:

  • A massive A1 poster (posted in a cardboard tube, so no fold marks!)
  • The Fate/The Facts book, featuring an interview with Rin Tosaka, as well as all the latest news from the Fate Universe.

We don’t have a release date yet, but keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be announcing more details on the release date and price as soon as we are able.

Talking of keeping your eyes peeled, you should be watching the Ghostlight Twitter account as, to celebrate the launch of the Vita, we’re going to be offering  you the chance to win some redeem codes for some of our SEN games.

All our PSN games are available on the Vita Store, so those of you who missed out on our games on PSP should head over to the SEN store on your Vita and pick up some of our fantastic range of JRPGs.  The PSP was (and thanks to us, still is!) a fantastic console for JRPG lovers, so why not check out what all the fuss was about? :)

That’s all for now.  I’ll be back next week but until then, why not follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our  Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight? You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.

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Belphegor86 says:

Whoa! That is absolutely... for lack of a better word gorgeous! The packaging is looks to be the best you guys have done to date. Day one pre-order for sure. Wallet is at the ready
Sera says:

I love you, Ghostlight. The collectors pack looks great! :-) I can't resist artbooks.
redlemon says:

Deciding between a physical copy or the psn download is going to be really though for this one.
Sorans says:

Now this is AWESOME! I already own the Japanese collector edition but I'd love getting the European one. Hope pre-orders start soon !
Mew says:

Man I'd love some Vita version of the game. Guess I'll just buy it over PSN...
Rena says:

Way better than Aksys version (Pre-order/Order stuff), but with don't think Vita will let me play UMD :/
[GL] Ross says:

Thanks for all the great comments everyone. Glad you all like it :)
MrRandom says:

This CE is awesome! Guess i'll have to get out the good PSP since you can't get all this awesome stuff with the digital version when it releases.
MrRandom says:

LOL, I meant the good old PSP :P
Chris says:

I've kinda been on the fence about this game since I really didn't like the fate/stay night anime. But this collectors edition may just sway me to give the Fate universe another chance... Especially that lovely poster, any idea of price yet? the usual 39.99?
Gurpswoo1 @ says:

This is a great Collector's Edition. Do you know which quarter we can expect this to be released. Thanks
Geo says:

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment will be released in Japan for PSP in May. It will have extra story content. I know it is very very early but you should note it. As for Fate/EXTRA the CE is simply gorgeous!! I wanted the digital version but now I don't know which one to buy!
michaelius says:

Can't you guys make CE like this with download code instead of UMD inside ? After checking psp games on Vita there's no going back ...
ObviusFault says:

Well this is a really obvis question Ross but is there a way to get this on vita without paying double? and if not is it gona be available at the same time?
rixi says:

The only thing that worries me is if the ghostligt store will deliver it to spain,because i want the ghostlight-only stuff.
Anonymous says:

Every time I hold off on importing a PSP game Ghostlight announces it. Looking forward to this being released. Keep up the good work.
[GL] Ross says:

@chris & @Gurpswoo1 @ I've been told we're going to be announcing the release date and price very soon. I don't have details yet though I'm afraid. @michaelius Sadly that's not something Sony support at the moment. @ObviusFault I don't believe there is unless you only get the digital version. @rixi We'll be detailing the countries we can't ship to when the product listing goes live.
Eru says: gosh...that's so smexy *_* I was holding out for (the really farfetched idea!) of the figma being released (as an uber limited thing), but hey this is more than enough :3 Incidentally, do you think you'll ever do a CE with a figure or summat? Maybe the costs will be too expensive to make it viable - forget that idea :p
[GL] Ross says:

@Eru I do bring it up every now and again but I'm guessing there's a reason no one does them.
Chrono says:

I already have the US version, it had all this except the poster. so i'm afraid i have to pass on this release. but i'm sure you will release more awesome stuff!
Onigina says:

So a bit off topic but since Atlus just revealed the release date of Persona 4 The Golden, is there any news on the PSV game front? Also do you plan to release Eternal Punishment remake in the UK? Just curious cause I only need those 2 games and I'm still borderline on buying a PSV and ghostlight seem to be the only company that releases the games I like.
Strife says:

I guess it would be impossible to provide a download code in the CE? Guess I'll be buying it twice >_<
Flep says:

Will this game also be available on the playstation store? I'm quite interested in buying it. However I only buy psp, psvita and ps3 gamees from the ps store. Which means I won't get the limited edition even though it does look tempting.
[GL] Ross says:

@Onigina The Vita is a great console and we'd definitely like to support it. We've not yet confirmed any games for it but we are looking at a few. As for Eternal Punishment we're aware of it of course but at this point it's too early for us to comment. @Strife I'm afraid it's not something we can do at the moment. @Flep As with our other PSP games there will indeed be a PSN release at some point.
Barry Walsh says:

Hi Ross, I was just wondering would you be able to throw more light on the psn digital devil games? I have them on my ps2 but want to get the again for my ps3.
[GL] Ross says:

@Barry Walsh They're going to be part of the PS2 Classics programme but we don't have a release date or price yet. I've been told more information should be coming soon though.
lonelywolf23786 says:

Hi, thanks for the news and I definitely going to preorder this at your store. I'm not sure if this was answered before, but if we preorder at your store, do you take the funds straight away or do you only take the funds only when you actually release the game? Thanks, just wanted to be sure.
[GL] Ross says:

@lonelywolf23786 I believe the funds are taken upon ordering.
Cphd says:

Damn that looks rad. Is there no way to give Vita users the chance to get the game and the goods (without paying twice)? Why couldn't you sell the (umd-less) goods and a game voucher (even if just on your website store)?
[GL] Ross says:

@Cphd It's not something Sony support at the moment I'm afraid.
Sins says:

Ross, Guaranteed I will pre-order Fate/Extra CE edition. I cannot express my gratitude for you bringing it here for us. I must ask this though since Fate/Extra CCC will be released in Japan sometime this year, the sequel to this game, have there been any discussion regarding CCC`s release? will it depend on how well the first game sells?
[GL] Ross says:

@Sins Thank you. We're aware of the sequel but at this stage in the PSP's lifetime we're taking it one game at a time so we won't be able to comment further until we see how Fate/EXTRA does.
256k says:

The game will be translated to spanish? i mean, if the game is translated, a lot o ppl will buy it, and more if we can play it on PS Vita buying it on the PSN, so hope the game will be translated, cause that can be awesome!
[GL] Ross says:

@256k Sadly with the amount of text in the game translating it into Spanish will not be viable. Sorry.
Barry Walsh says:

Hi Ross, I was just wondering would Ghostlight ever be interested in old ps1 or ps2 that never saw the light of day in Europe? I was mainly thinking of the Langrisser & Growlanser series of games, I know Atlus published some in the U.S. and there may be translating to be done, I know this is not on the horizon but do you think it would be something for the future or is it an impossible dream?
[GL] Ross says:

@Barry Walsh To be totally honest I have no idea if such a thing would be possible. I'll mention it here and see if we can get involved with the PS1 imports programme on PSN. I would suspect that games without a translation would be very unlikely.
Barry Walsh says:

Thanks Ross I have Warsong on the megadrive and a fan patched Langrisser 3 and one of the Growlansers on the ps2, They are great games, Quite a few of the Growlansers can out in the U.S. It would be cool but not sure if licensing would permit this.
Rokuso3 says:

OMG! I like FSN but I wasn't really interested in this game. But, this CE... Interesting. Very interesting.
Ruri says:

That's nice I guess. I'm fairly interested but with GAME seeminly on the verge of bankruptcy I'm not even sure where I will be getting this game.

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